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Boho Gratitude Garland

Occasionally I take some time to go through web design sites. I like to see what’s trending and check to see if I need to make updates to either of my websites. (Yes, I need an update to On The Bright Side. It’s in the works.)  I was browsing through one designer’s site and came across the website for the Gypsy Girl’s Guide. While the site design doesn’t necessarily appeal to me, one of the posts caught my eye. Check out this photo.

This is Boho Gratitude Garland. I love it! For the author of the blog post, the Gratitude Garland was inspired by the holidays. But because of their holiday beach rental, they used shells and bark and other natural things they could find. And the result was a very bohemian looking piece of art that was full of gratitude.

I love this idea for everyday, not just the holidays. What a wonderful way to create something that continually reminds you of all the things you are grateful for. This is a great family project, or for a vacation with good friends. If you were to create this type of art for your home, what materials would you use? Where would you hang it? What would your items of gratitude say?


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