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Get a life!

What gang sign is that? I am such the loser that I meant to put an L on my forehead and ended up with this weirdo version.  I’m so NOT cool!


Berlin was great on many levels.  I got to spend a romantic weekend with a very cute boy.  I enjoyed sightseeing in a remarkable city in the world, one more pin for my map. I’m truly fortunate to “have to” go to Berlin once a year.  I like traveling for work!  The exhibition was amazing and provided an opportunity to learn a lot about the travel industry, as well as provided a view of the bigger picture.

But on the plane back to Hanoi, I was working on my 3-month report for the owners, and as my list of things I’ve accomplished at work grew longer, I recognized that my list of personal achievements would pale in comparison if I had to write those down.

And that’s not me.  I’m the gal who gives 110% in everything I do.  Of course I want to be the best I can be at work, but at what expense?  Until I made time to write updates for the entire month of March, how often did I update my blog here?  How many photos have I taken in and around Hanoi?  And what have those photos mostly been of -my commute to work.  Yes I’ve met people, but I haven’t made much of an effort at making new friends.  Correspondence with my Japanese students or friends?  It’s been months.  Keeping up with my On The Bright Side newsletter? Writing to my friends? Writing in my journal?  Exploring my new surroundings?  Exercising and taking care of myself?  No no no no and no.  That doesn’t make me feel too good.

I had a rough week back at work this past week.  I was fighting jet lag like crazy and I got side-tracked with interviews for Press Club staff (20 hours!) instead of focusing on the bigger picture and following up after my trade event.  So by the time the weekend came and my half day of work on Saturday turned 4:00 pm. I simply stopped.

I had the Tang man pick me up and take me to a furniture shop called Dome.  I looked at sofas and dining tables and scheduled an appointment with a designer who will come to my home, measure my windows and space and suggest designs and colors and pieces to buy.  I’m excited.  I can’t wait to have a proper living space with fun, lively and bright colors.  I may end up paying more than I should, but I simply want a lovely home to return to at the end of the day.

I did more research on the motorbike and asked our HR Madam, Ms. Ngoc to help me by the Honda AirBlade I’ve set my heart on.  I finally sent my parents my wish list – there are some things they can send which would add convenience or luxury to my life. And I got my HSBC banking account set-up online so I can transfer money to my US account.

I got a little bit more organized at home and actually wrote a “to do” list for my maid.  I do, at least, have a maid who comes once a week.  I still feel weird about having a maid just for me, but she helps me tremendously.  It was awesome to come home from Berlin to a perfectly in-tact home.

So – I apologize once again for not updating you more often.  Enough is enough.  Sharing these life adventures with you gives me tremendous joy.  The thing is – I’ve got to get out of the office and live a little so I have something interesting to share!  I have got to get a life…

On the Bright Side,


Vietnamese Beauties

On my tour of the Citadel and Forbidden Purple Palace, I was waiting for my tour guide to park his motorbike.  I took a few shots of the citadel with the huge flag and then turned around to find my guide.  I saw four Vietnamese ladies getting prepared for a photo shoot.  The one in the purple was getting the one in orange prepared.  At first I didn’t think this was a great photo, but now that I’m looking at it again, I think it’s a good candid!

On the Bright Side,



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