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Clairemont Village Pet Clinic

Clairemont Village Pet Clinic

Time to give credit where credit is due. Dr. Perry Diamond, the vet at Clairemont Village Pet Clinic is AWESOME! I mentioned in a Facebook post the other night that Aria had a bad reaction to her booster shots and I had to rush her back to the Vet so she could get two more shots to cmal the situation down. She stayed at the clinic for a few hours for observation to make sure she had no further reaction to the boosters. All said and done, Wednesday was a rough day for my furball, but she’s quite the trooper.

What I love about this clinic is the caring staff and “old-fashioned” customer service. I received a call today from Dr. Diamond simply asking how Aria was doing. He assured me that her record noted her reaction and that the next time we’ll pre-medicate her for her boosters. While his follow-up is routine for his practice, he is sincere and genuinely concerned for his patients. And I really appreciate that he takes the time to check-in on the health of my pet after she’s had a tough day.

If you are looking for a vet, want to switch or have a friend to refer, I highly recommend Dr. Diamond and his dedicated team. Can’t say enough good things about everyone at the Clairemont Village Pet Clinic. Here’s the website: http://www.clairemontvet.com/
Ok, and one picture of my cutie pie in a typical sleep position:


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