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Get this OUTTA here!

I’m lucky to have a TV.  I’m lucky I can catch CNN and BBC, The NatGeo Channel and Discovery.  HBO, Cinemax and the Hallmark channels often have a decent movie on.  Soccer and sports channels are prominent and CNBC is a good one, too.

BUT BUT BUT…for television programs, there is only the Star Channel.  And for God-knows-what reason, they have decided that this asinine program is a good one to import.  Oh yeah, great choice.  Just the program we want to represent America.  The previews are enough to know that this is pretty much the stupidest TV show EVER EVER EVER.

For crap sake, take the damn thing off the air!  Pull the plug and leave those stupid people in the jungle to fend for themselves.  The world would be better off without them and this stupid show.  Yuck. Blech. Icky. Ugh.

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