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Makeover Fun

The other night I found this website and tried on a few new styles:


You know from previous posts that I am growing my bangs out and that I have never done such a thing in my entire life.  Any girl who has done this knows what a painful process it is.  I have never had so many bad hair days in my life!  So in order to get an idea of what to shoot for, to develop my “hair goal” if you will, I did this makeover thingy and came up with some looks that seem suitable.

I’ve loaded up all the photos I like below.  Take a look and leave a comment to let me know which one you like best.  In some of the photos the make-up is a bit much, but usually I wear hardly any, so it was fun to see me a bit more glam. (Or overdone!)

I hope you’ll go to the site too and send me an e-mail with your makeover pictures!  Too fun!









I’m a little bit artsy craftsy

A bit of free time, a little make-up and some adjustments on the effects and such and…whoa-la!  I made an Andy Warhol version of myself!  What I can’t believe is that I actually changed the main picture to my website.  Since I first compiled this website in February 2007, the picture of me with Kiyomizudera behind me has been the photo for my header.  I was a bit sad to change it today, but did so because:

  1. If you haven’t noticed, I don’t live in Japan anymore.
  2. My hair is much shorter and I am growing my bangs out (a very painful process, might I state for the record).
  3. I feel like a website named “On The Bright Side” needed a much more pop-out main photo thingy going on.

The only reason I remain sad for changing that photo is because:

  1. There are still days when I miss Japan and Kiyomizudera is one of my favorite places.
  2. When you have a favorite photo of yourself which makes you happy, you should look at it often!
  3. I really don’t think anyone other than me is going to notice or even remember what that photo looked like! Oh well!

Ha!  Anyway – hope you like the new artsy version.  Comments welcome!

On the Bright Side,


An Affair to Remember

It was New Year’s Eve.  We said hello.  Our eyes met.  We clicked!

We went upstairs to the Press Club party.  We talked.  We danced. We kissed! Repeat.

We was on vacation.  Bummer he doesn’t live in Hanoi.  Or Vietnam for that matter.  He lives in Aachen, Germany.  I said a few times, “I’ll be in Berlin in March.”

E-mails exchanged.  Flights reserved.  Ready to go!!!

We met at the airport.  OMG.  Even cuter than I remembered.  Three days together in Berlin.  Such a beautiful city.  What a great guy.  Fun fun fun!!!  I totally needed that!  A fabulous weekend, for sure.

I’ll be in London in November!  How about a weekend in Dublin before that?

On the Bright Side,



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