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Sore Green Thumb


My body is an absolute mess today.  I spent all of my Sunday doing yard work at my friend, Michelle’s house.  Gardening is something I haven’t enjoyed for a long, long time! Michelle and I whacked, racked, dug, cleared, potted, planted and cleaned.  We broke for lunch and a Home Depot run, but the rest of the daylight hours were serious business!

My hands are puffy today, I have a random streak of red sunburn just above my pants line, which is slathered in aloe gel. There’s a few scratches on my arms and I am acutely aware of every single muscle in my body.  My joints have been screaming at me, “What the heck did you do that for?”

I’ll tell you what…. I love it.  There are few chores which provide as much joy as cleaning up a yard. I love being outside in the sun, sweating from an honest day’s work, cooperating with Mother Nature and setting the stage for what will be a fantastic outdoor living space and a calming oasis of nature and vibrant colors.

I wouldn’t recommend tackling your garden in infrequent spurts, but I do urge you to get out there and get your hands dirty.  It feels terrific!


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