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I just love Facebook!

I don’t remember this moment…Jenny and I were inseparable then.  And I can see I still have braces.  Plus the hair is total indication this is my sophomore year in high school.


I don’t know how many of you are hooked up on Facebook, but if you aren’t, I would highly recommend it.  Perhaps my 20 year reunion stirred up all too many emotions.  Recently, I have reconnected with so many people from high school, it’s been just wonderful.  The Class of ’88 was something special, but we were surrounded by other great classes.  I was lucky to grow up with so many terrific people.

Of course, I’ve met a ton of people here in Vietnam, and so that circle of friends is growing nearly every day.  But I’ve also gotten back in touch with people I used to work with at AFI, my sorority sisters, and lots of the UCSB gang, and stay in touch with oodles of people I’ve met on my travels.  I am totally a people person, and so I couldn’t be happier to be in touch and stay in tune to everyone’s lives.

One fun aspect of Facebook is the photo albums.  I don’t tend to post photos there, since I have my website.  But I love looking at other people’s photos.  The one on this post was added by an classmate.  Some people are going nuts with the scanners and some very old and sometimes scary photos are popping up.  This one isn’t too bad, but the 80’s were not so kind to us – horrible era in fashion.

I’m not so pleased that Facebook keeps changing its format and layout, but I’ll stick with it, because I am so delighted to have these old friends back in my life – even if in the slightest way…

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