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Vacation is officially over – Boo!

Two weeks went by too quickly.  I didn’t do enough. I wish I could have seen more people.  Squeezed in a trip to San Francisco or even Dallas.  That would have been good.  So many things going on in my head and my heart.  I’m not sure I got enough hugs from my niece. Will she remember me when she see’s me on skype through the computer?  One more week would have been good.  I could have checked a few more things off the list.  But then again, these two weeks were not about checking lists.  It was about taking a breath and reflecting and just having a good time.  And that I did.

I return to Hanoi with a renewed spirit, a new outlook and a host of ideas for what’s ahead.  I’m really thankful for having a couple of weeks at home.  It did me a world of good.  Cheers.

Home Sweet Home!!!

I just arrived home a few moments ago and once I came inside, closed my door, and turned on the lights, I turned around to see my living room.  I actually clapped my hands with excitement as this is the first time in 7 months I have actually come home and felt like I’ve come home.

Earlier today, I went back to crapville to check and make sure I didn’t leave anything behind, and that it was left in good condition.  As I looked around at the empty space, the great view of the lake, and the water stains on the wall, I just had to shake my head an wonder how I got sucked into that place.  Remember, that was, at the time, the 28th apartment I’d seen and construction was just being finished.  I think what sucked me in was that it was newly constructed and that it was the 5th floor with a great view.  I didn’t look at the small details, mainly because many of them weren’t finished.

So this time around, I studied every crack and door frame, the flooring, the walls, the quality of the cabinets, the furniture, etc.  And folks, I think we have a winner.  I’m not all that crazy about living just two flights up from the owners, but they are kind and I think that it can provide a great cultural experience for me.  They have two teenage sons who speak decent English and who were excited to learn that I had taught in Japan.  During move-in day, they were still installing a few things, and even though I told them that anytime that day they were welcome to go in to finish up projects, the elder boy, Trung, would call my cell and ask if it was ok to go inside.  Good start.

I haven’t unpacked everything yet, and I still need some pieces of unprovided furniture; a dresser in the bedroom, a guest bed, book shelves in the living room and possible more seating than what you see in this photo.  But the thing is – I can’t wait to make my home in this apartment.  I really, really like it and I am really looking forward to a long and happy time here.

I am overly delighted to have arrived at my very own home sweet home!!!

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