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Gone Surfing

Helllooooo!  I know, I know.  Where did I go?  Ten days since my last post!  My goodness!

Well, I’ve actually been traveling the world again.  Yup, that’s right.  I’m searching the world for my next life adventure.  I’ve been to Spain’s wine country and charming seaside cities, taken a drive in Portugal’s countryside.  Florence popped up on my radar again, too.  This latest tour has taken me to exotic locations in Africa.  Have you ever heard of Mauritius?  Gorgeous.  South East Asia is always a favorite, and I continue to find beauty there.  Seeing that I’m physically here in San Diego, I’ve even allowed myself to explore my hometown a little further, and a bit of Northern California.

I’m job hunting, my friends!  And I am in the unique position of being able to go anywhere!

When I first came back from my travels, I was considering teaching in Spain.  And during my research, and while writing my resume, I really started to evaluate my professional history and personal interests.  I began to open my thoughts to more than just teaching, to more than just Spain.

With my background in the member/alumni relations, experience in hospitality and my passion for travel, I have looked a lot at five star resorts and hotels.  Many of them are part of a family of hotels, like Starwood, Intercontinental and Ritz-Carlton.  Some are unique properties, like the game reserves in Africa.  Nonetheless, my research has been driving down this path and the resumes are starting to flow in this direction.  My credentials are a great fit.

Many of you have suggested I try my hand at travel writing.  This is a brilliant idea, and also an area of interest.  I have to say I would probably just die if I could actually get linked to the right people.  It’s a tough business to crack.  Especially with prestigious publications like National Geographic or Conde Nast, Travel & Leisure and the like.  But if you know someone…

I did send a press kit off to a production company, one which films travel programs.  The company accept showreels, and I hope they think mine is good enough to welcome me as a host of their programs.  You’ll remember I filmed a few segments from the cooking school.  That was great fun!  The educator in me wants to share all these wonderful travel experiences, just as I have with you here on the website.

I’m putting together a proposal for one of the websites I frequent and I even applied for a job at the SD Convention and Visitors Bureau.  So the idea of settling in Cali is being considered, too.  One might think I’m spread a little too thin…but actually, I think I’m playing it smart by exploring all of my options…throwing a lot of stuff at the wall to see what sticks.  It’s a bit of a scary time in my life, but I am used to taking risks and stepping into the unknown.  The thought of picking up again and moving overseas somewhere is almost more comforting to me than to stay put here in California and build my life here.  Strange, I know.  I have a bazillionjillion thoughts and ideas running through my head each day, all of them pertaining to what my future may hold.  I am confident that it will all shake out soon.

If you have ideas, contacts, inspirations you want to share with me, I welcome you to leave a comment or send me an e-mail.  And if you haven’t taken a look at my resume, you can do that HERE.  I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, realize that it’s a unique and special blend of experiences, but certainly, quality stuff.  As I have said…I’m excited to see where I land, literally.  The future is a bright one!

Ooooh…gotta go…taking off to Santiago, Chile in a moment…

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