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Plugging Away!

Work Station – The dining room table has been serving as my office, since I’ve returned to San Diego.  At least I have a view of the pool!


Hellloooo!  How’s the month of August treating you?  Have you been enjoying summer?  Have you gone on vacation? I hope you are surviving the heat and have had a chance to enjoy some leisure time with your loved ones.

It’s been just one week since I’ve returned from my travels.  Still a bit weird to be back.  In this short time, I think I may have created an unhealthy relationship with my Mac.  Oh my Mac.

He went with me on my world travels, survived the humidity, saved all my photos, helped me book all my hotels and flights and allowed me stay in touch with you.  He’s a good travel buddy.  A Powerbook G4, he’s a little heavy, but nonetheless, he travels well.  We survived five months together with nay a squabble.

Now I’m with him morning through night, pounding away on his keyboard, creating newsletters, videos, resumes, cover letters, endlessly researching employment opportunities online.  I’ve even reorganized my photos from my travels.  My poor Mac barely gets a wink of sleep!

You can see my work station here in this photo.  You’ve got the ever-present cup of coffee on the left, with my calendar, notes, dictionary (for all those resume action words!) and pencil cup.  Then that red book on the right is my travel journal.  I’ve been using it as a reference for stories in my newsletters.  Next to that is a travel guide for Spain.  Still considering it.  Finding some possibilities.  The guidebook serves more as a geography reference. On the lower right is my binder with all my notes.  My big TO DO list is on top, constantly reminding me that I have A LOT to do!!!

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