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Memory & Motivation Board

Almost as soon as I moved into my new apartment back in March, I imagined having a big board above my desk with all my photos and post cards and trinkets from my life and travels. I finally had the opportunity to put together what I am calling my Memory & Motivation Board. Since it is a collection of so many fond travel memories, good friends, special moments, and also contains motivational phrases, I thought that was a more suitable name than what most call a vision board. Read More

Rise & Shine!

Whew! I finally landed on my personal theme for 2012.  It took me a little longer than normal to find the right slogan/phrase/theme. I suppose, that’s because this year, it has to align with both my personal and business goals, seeing that I am now an entrepreneur and business owner.

For those of you who have been following On The Bright Side since my days in Japan, you’ll know that this is something that I’ve done for awhile – choose a theme for the year in lieu of creating a list of resolutions.  What I like very much about this process is that a theme is more motivating than a list of promises, which can easily be broken. Who wants to start the year off a failure?  Instead, a theme of the year is something to strive for, live up to and ultimately, achieve.

My theme for 2012 is: RISE & SHINE!

I love this! While 2011 was THE REINVENTION OF SHANNA B, with the adjustment of being in the US after 8 years abroad, 2012 serves as a serious wake up call. Sort of a make or brake situation! In growing my business, I want to rise to the top. I want Beaming Bohemian to be a success. Not only do I want to feel accomplished, but I want my work to stand out from the rest and be a shining example for other to follow. So that’s why I feel RISE & SHINE well fits my goals for this year.

Previous personal themes have been:

2011 – The Reinvention of Shanna B.

2010 – Rise to the occasion

2009 – Knock it outta da park

2008 – Live the dream

2007 – Get Ready, Get Set, Go! (With the subtheme of “Graceful goodbyes and enthusiastic beginnings” – I was leaving Japan in July that year)

2006 – Better and Stronger

2005 – Step up the Pep


How about you?  Do you set New Year Resolutions or have you tried choosing a personal theme to keep you on track all year? What goals do you have for 2012?





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