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Meet Nev & Maggie

I think you’ve all enjoyed my stories of the people I have met while traveling.  Even though I am in Laos for work, I am still granted the pleasure of meeting great people.  Nev and Maggie fall in the category of terrific.

This easy-going Australian couple are exactly the reason anyone would want to book a trip to Australia.  They are kind, well traveled, easy to talk to and just genuine, great and amazing people.

They booked our Kamu Lodge on a whim, and I am so happy that I had the chance to share the weekend with them.  Maggie and I bonded quite a bit as she spent many years as a business woman in Asia and can completely empathize with my choice in lifestyle and struggles in finding a partner/wanting to have kids and the whole bit.

Nev and Maggie have had several jobs and run several businesses, including a life-improvement seminar which sounds like it could put anyone on the right track.  They are magnetic, dynamic and so open and giving.  They are the kind of people you hope to meet on vacation, as you know that at some point they will arrive on your doorstep and you are always welcome on theirs.

To give you one more insight into Nev and Maggie’s personalities, we were discussing the Kamu village and Neve said something to the tune of, “I feel it was my privilege to spend the afternoon with them.”  So very gracious.

These two folks made my trip to Laos shine even brighter and I am happy to introduce you!



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