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A Week in Singapore

After spending two weeks in Laos to train new staff and conduct further site inspections and analysis of our Laos properties, I headed to Singapore for the first of three trade shows within a month’s time.

Before this trip, I had only spent a few hours in Singapore; it was a long layover between my Asian and European travels last year.  I arrived in the early hours of the morning, took a nap and then power shopped for a pair of jeans, a few shirts and a haircut. Didn’t leave much of an impression on me.  Although I do remember enjoying the airport – very user friendly.

On this recent trip, my colleague, Guy and I stayed at the Ibis Hotel which for such a budget property was good only for the free wifi and plentiful breakfast buffet.  If you’ve ever stayed at an Ibis, you’ll know that it is short on amenities and luxury.  Very basic.  But free wifi is always a bonus in my book, so that scored major points.

I’ve given you a picture of our “home” for the few days of the trade show.  I always share a booth with Apple Tree’s sister company, Exotissimo.  The show was decent, although I had too many non-essential appointments to qualify it as a terrific success.  At some of these trade shows, the computer system spits out appointments.  Unfortunately for me, that meant that some of the buyers didn’t even send clients to Asia at all.  Big reason not to go next year.

I stayed on for an extra night simply so that I could go shopping.  I had a list of things to purchase, and by golly, I succeeded.  Sadly, I mostly shopped for work clothes, as the clothes I brought with my to Vietnam have been over-worn or ruined in the wash.  It’s pretty sad that that was the mission in Singapore, the shopper’s paradise.  I peaked at a few fun things, but time was too short.   I only managed a pair of jeans.  Gap’s jeans have always fit me nicely, and so that side-track lasted just 20 minutes.

Nevertheless, Zara, Gap and Marks & Spencer did me proud and I was able to stock up on some essentials for work.  Black pants, collared shirts.  Enough to tide me over until I visit San Diego in February.  I can’t wait to go shopping in a normal environment where I understand the sizes and I know easily what fits me!  That and I can shop for fun clothes too!

I did spend a little free time in Singapore and believe it a destination to come back to with some fun girlfriends.  I’m sure Mette and Sarah will be game.  We can shop like queens and party at night.  I was surprised to see such a large international crowd.  All good fun for a future visit!



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