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Berlin Birthday – 39

A unique b’day party! Can you tell the boys from the girls?


Before leaving for Berlin, I realized that from now on, as long as I am in this job, it will be most likely that I will be celebrating my birthday in Berlin.  After my introductory weekend with Paul, I realize, there are worse places in the world to be stuck on your birthday.  Berlin is fantastic!

My new colleagues were so kind and wanted to help celebrate.  Pantanida, who is based in Berlin has a boyfriend whose birthday is the same day.  So on the 13th, my actual birthday, I went out with Edwin and Dominik and Dominik’s parents (Germans) for dinner.  I enjoyed a traditional Berlin dish – Currywerst, which is essentially 2 huge sausages smothered in a German style curry and french fries.  I followed Edwin on to a very cool bar and then to another before calling it a night at 3am.  A fun night, indeed.

The next evening, Pantanida had made a reservation for us at a Thai cabaret show.  I mentioned in another post that she is from Thailand but lives in Berlin.  So she is dialed into the Thai community in Berlin.  Good friend to have, for sure.

As you can see from the photo here.  The show is quite unique in that all of the ladies in the show were formally men.  This makes for nothing but an entertaining evening.

We had a great time at the show.  I enjoyed all of the celebrations.  And I am looking forward to many more birthdays in Berlin.  Even the one where I turn 40!

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