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Two More Days

Here I am with my 10 boxes, three check-ins and one carry-on.  Not sure if it’s good or bad that my life is so compact!  Of course, we can’t see my 8 bins in the storage shed!  This photo was taken yesterday, just before my dad and I hauled all those boxes to the Post Office.

While I have often commented that everything in life is negotiable, I can confidently inform you that that rule does not apply to shipping fees.  I tried my best to get a “well prepared” discount, as some dude didn’t even have his boxes taped up.  I pleaded for a holiday discount.  I posed a “good helper” discount, as my dad and I helped stamp documents and put stickers on boxes.  Discount for 10 boxes?  Cuz we’re nice?  Pretty please?  Veronica just smiled and shook her head.  Not negotiable.  Bummer!  I just hope that the staff member I get at the airline counter in two days will be more lenient with baggage fees.  Fingers crossed.

Two more days.  In between today and my departure is Thanksgiving.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and enjoy time spent with your loved ones.  I’m especially thinking of my friends Bobby and Jeff…I hope they know how much they are loved, how many people are supporting them, are thinking about them and are thankful for them.  They are two incredibly special people.

The next time you hear from me, I will have landed in Hanoi, started my exciting and already-busy, new job and hopefully will be settled into an apartment or house.  Let the adventurous blogging resume!

Safe, healthy and happy holidays to you!

On the Bright Side,


Two More Weeks!

If moving is one of the most stressful things a person can do, then moving overseas must take the cake! In just two weeks from today, I will be landing in Hanoi, ready to start a new job and a new life adventure.  I can’t wait!

The living room is an absolute mess right now.  I have boxes of things which need to be sent on the right side of the room and then all of the things I hope to pack and take with me on the left.  On the big chair is a pile of clothes I’d like to pack, but if there is no space, I can live without the items the 6-8 weeks it will take to get there.  The dining room table is full of projects I’m trying to complete before I go; letters to my kids and friends in Japan, mostly.

The biggest headache of moving overseas is actually dealing with the airlines and baggage restrictions.  I bought two HUGE duffle bags, but have since learned that they are just too big and that each bag would incur a $110 fee for being oversize.  If they were the correct size, but over 50lbs, then it’s just a $50 fee.  If I pack a 3rd bag, within 62 inches and 50lbs, then it’s $110.  All this does is make me feel like I’m in math class trying to solve a problem.  So frustrating!

I’ve started to have strange dreams about my job.  I’ve had the dreams where I’ve slept in and am late to work, that I didn’t do something right, or that I can’t meet a challenge presented to me.  For all my fervor for stepping back into the professional world, there’s a wee part of me which is scared to death!  I want so much to hit the ground sprinting, to bring this company success and prestige, and exceed expectations.  I just need to stop worrying, step up to the plate and knock it out of the park!

My flight lands on 11/29 about 10:30pm.  I’ll be greeted by the Press Club driver, Hun, and will be taken to a hotel near the office.  I’ll have Sunday on my own to recover and take a walk around the city, or call Mr. Tang and motorbike my way around a bit.  Thank goodness the city is still fresh in my memory.  I also want to see where the flood areas were.  (Note to self: Second floor or higher apartment would be a good idea.)

I start my job on Monday, December 1st.  That will be spent looking for a home with an agent and getting a health check, required for my work permits. I’m excited to be able to choose my home (within budget) and really hope I find something immediately. (I’m gearing for 2+ bedrooms, as I hope for and expect lots of visitors!)   The next day, I will go to the Press Club and meet all of my coworkers.  Kurt will be back from Bangkok and he and I will begin to create our strategy of how we will “kick ass.” (He’s giving me until Christmas to get up to speed, feel ‘comfi’ and get settled. Then we must “kick ass.”)

Tonight I’m getting together with a few friends to say farewell.  That aspect hasn’t quite hit  me yet either.  It’s been so fun this past year to be able to speak on the phone and visit friends more frequently.  Heck, my friend Sara even came to Cambodia with me on her vacation!!!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the time with my family, Friday and Sunday nights with my 2nd family, and especially my new little niece.  While I successfully kept up with people while in Japan, I have taken for granted in this last year my ability to give people a hug and actually SEE you!  That won’t hit me until I’m on the plane, or perhaps the day I move into my new home.  But it will hit hard – that’s for sure.

Well, it’s time to go get ready for that party and take another look at the mess in the living room – I’ll try once more to visualize how it will all fit neatly into my suitcases!   Ha ha ha!

On the Bright Side,



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