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20 year reunion

A Fellow World Traveler

Doug Naegele loves to travel too! – Using and abusing my recent photos, I’m here with Doug at the 20 year VHS reunion party!  Doug and I had a great time sharing travel stories!


My 20 year high school reunion may have been a two weeks ago now, but I am still glowing in the joy of seeing old friends.  It was so great to catch up with everyone, and even better that so many classmates are living fulfilling lives.

Doug, I learned, shares the same passion for all things foreign, and I really enjoyed chatting about our travels.  It was nice to be able to describe the tiny town of Sapa in Vietnam and have someone nod their head in appreciation because they’ve been there, too.

It turns out Doug has traveled very extensively through SE Asis, South America, Russia, Mongolia, Tibet and China…for starters.

He and his wife, Edith, actually traveled the entire length of South America by local bus.  This sounds so amazing and adventurous – I’m jealous!  Doug gave me the link to the website they kept during their 2006 journey, and I’d like to pass that along to you.  You can find incredible stories on their travel blog at www.dougandedith.com.  Doug recommends story #26 Futbal in Lima.  I give it a thumbs up, as well.

In case you are already bored with fall and longing for another summer vacation, you can take a terrific and intrepid (albeit virtual) journey with Doug and Edith!  I’m having a great time following their trail!

On the Bright Side,


Old Friends Reunite

I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that my high school graduation was 20 years ago.  Unbelievable!  So it was with mixed emotions that I attended the festivities for Valhalla High School Class of 1988’s, 20 year reunion this weekend.  Now that the big event has come and gone, I can only say how wonderful it was to see so many old friends, to embrace the people who I shared so many terrific memories with, and to see how absolutely fabulous we all look!!!

Holly and I attended the reunion events together.  We’ve been friends since we were second sopranos in Ensemble! Love ya, Holly!

One event was not enough for the Class of ’88!  On Friday, we enjoyed a pre-reunion party at Jose’s Courtroom in La Jolla.  It happens to be owned by one of our classmates, Tigg Mitchell.  My dearest friend Holly Paton Nelson and I arrived together, and were met by Tigg at the door.  Once we stepped inside, it was a sea of familiar faces, smiles and high school memories.  I was so overwhelmed from seeing so many old friends, I didn’t even take one picture!  It was a very boisterous and exciting night.

Last night was the official reunion, held at a golf/country club near our high school in Jamul, California.  At least twice as many people were at this event; many spouses came along for the ride.  The evening was a whirlwind of chatting, laughing, hugging, picture taking, a bit of food & beverage, recalling fond memories and catching up on the present.  I had a fantastic time!

This is Matt and Tim, who I went to kindergarten with at Lexington Elementary. Good to see them both.

It was so good to see Tracie – We had many fun Friday nights switching out of volleyball gear and getting ready for football. Always a fun and wonderful friend!

Anyone who has reached this milestone in their lives can understand when I say that it just doesn’t feel like 20 years have passed and none of us feel like we’re 38 years old!  But I do feel very fortunate that I get to grow old with such an amazing group of friends.  The Class of ’88 is totally awesome!

With the love of my life, David Kilpatrick. 


Thanks everyone for yet another weekend filled with great memories!

On the Bright Side,



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