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Watch Your Step

Photo: The steps in my building. Hard marble steps may look nice, but they don’t feel so good when you fall flat on your ass!

I returned home late last night.  I had my suitcase with me.  It was heavy.  I was tired.  I was swinging the suitcase up a few stairs and then stepping up behind the suitcase.  I got tot he second floor landing.  I swung the suitcase, began to move upward, but the suitcase fell back ward and took me with in.  In the blink of an eye I had fallen backward and landed (fortunately) on my right butt cheek.

After I recovered from the shock of falling, I started to get up and collect myself.  Except that when I did, my right foot screamed at me.  It was really sore and immediately swelled up a bit.  I was on the second floor and I live on the 5th.  OMG.

I started crying because the pain was quite bad and then I started cursing because I was angry that I had fallen.  What a klutz!

I’m sure I spent more than 10 minutes in the echo-chamber stairwell.  What I realized was that while I knew my neighbors were home, no one bothered to open their doors and come see what all the commotion was about.

I wiped my tears, took a deep breath and got me and my stupid suitcase up three more stories.  Once inside, I cursed my non-helpful neighbors as I iced my ankle and shed a few more tears.

I went to sleep with my foot propped up on two pillows and managed to sleep that way all night.  Good.

I also stayed home and worked from my sofa today, doing my best to not use my foot.  It’s not too puffy, but it is super, super sore.  I feel like I bruised it, perhaps the suitcase hit the top of it or something.  It was a weird fall.  I also have a nice bruise coming out on my butt cheek.

As much as it sucks to have this injured foot, I’m super grateful I didn’t crack my head open.  No drama intended, but I could have bled to dead in the hallway, since my stupid neighbors couldn’t be bothered to even open their doors to see why someone was cursing like a sailor in the hallway!

Anywhoo, I should probably get this checked out, but the athlete in me says, “Suck it up and walk it off.  It’s not broken.”

On the Bright Side,



4.19.2009 Update

They say that sometimes a severe sprain is worse than a clean break.  Well, I’m beginning to agree with this.   I still have the doctors’ words echoing in my head, “Why did you wait 10 days to see me?”  Two tendons on both sides of my ankle were strained, and I have a contusion on the top of my foot.  The internal bleeding was bad enough that my toes are green and purple.  Yuck.  I have a monster foot!

I would love to follow doctor’s orders and use the cane he gave me, but it seems so silly after not using one.  I didn’t mind taping up my ankle, but after one shower, it complete became useless.  I was told I could get it wet, but it just didn’t hold.  The doctor wanted to give me a soft cast, but they just aren’t available in Vietnam.

I was supposed to go to a special pharmacy and buy my own cane this weekend, but I really don’t want to spend money on something I know I won’t use.  I’m going to keep it elevated, keep icing it and trying to stay off of it.  I know myself pretty well, and while this is the most serious injury I’ve ever had, it’s not so serious that I need casts and canes and regular physical therapy.

I’m a tough chick and while this is not fun, I can handle it.

4.26.2009 Update

Nearly three weeks after my fall, I still have a slight bit of swelling in my ankle which is worse at the end of a work day or like yesterday’s music festival where I stood most of the day.  But I am committed to having this thing heal, because not only is it a big deal to not have your feet in order, but I don’t want to have continued issues with this ankle. I’m just surprised it’s taking so long!  As I mentioned, this is the worst injury I’ve ever had, so the concept that this will likely take another three weeks to heal up is just mind-boggling!  I want my right foot back!


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