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Hi again!

Hello!  Thanks for visiting On The Bright Side! As you can see, things are looking a bit different around here.  I am in the process of moving all my stories from my iWeb/MobileMe site to this new Word Press platform.  While I loose a little on unique design, I gain a lot of functionality and performance.

I’m adding all of my recent entries, since I’ve been back in the US, and will continue to back-post those from Vietnam, my world travels and my five years in Japan.  I’ll work to put up photo galleries and some of the great features like a page devoted to my favorite sites, Linkalicious.

Thanks so much for your patience.  I’ll post again when the migration is complete.  I have a lot of work to do!

Until then, hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. Happy 4th of July!



Ali’s Adventures

As I’m getting more and more up to speed in the Twitter universe, I am meeting some fantastic people.  It’s been particularly fun to read some other people’s travel blogs. I wish I had known some of these folks before I set off on my own travel in 2008!

One of the blogs I’ve come across recently is a young lady named Ali.  Her blog, Ali’s Adventures shares her stories as she winds her way through the seven continents of the world!  I’m so impressed!

One of the things you’ll notice when you first log on now is the stunning photography of Antarctica.  The shots of amazing icebergs and cute little penguins…it’s enough to make you want to pack your bags and go!  Great photography accompanies all of her informative posts.

I also identify with Ali a lot, as she is so personable.  You feel she’s writing a letter just to you with an enthusiasm that’s infectious.  She well describes her adventures and makes you feel like you’ve just been there with her.

If you are looking for some travel inspiration, to learn what life is like traveling the world, or just a great read, I suggest you have a look and bookmark Ali’s Adventures!  She’s great! And I am inspired!


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