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New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  It’s 2011!  How about that!  What did you do this year for the holiday? Where did you celebrate? I enjoyed O’Brien’s with Sarah, much like I did ringing in 2008, but this year I did NOT kiss the bartender at midnight! ;p

I think it’s safe to say that most of us are happy to put 2010 behind us.  For many of my friends, it seems, this past year was a struggle.  I think we are all welcoming a new year, a breath of fresh air in with open arms and lots of optimism.  I am definitely ready to start anew.

As many of you may remember, I’m not one to make a long list of resolutions each year.  Sometime while in Japan, I decided to just make a theme for the year.  2010, for example was “Rise to It” which was part of a movie quote “Life is an occasion. Rise to it.”  And that was how I was feeling at the beginning of 2010.

My theme for 2011 is – The Reinvention of Shanna B. – I think it’s perfect for what lies ahead of me this year. I’m in new surroundings (sort of), I am leaning towards starting my own business versus getting a job, I need to figure out where I will live (SD or LA) and have the greatest hope that love will be mine.  I think that all gets summed up nicely in “Reinvention.”

I’m excited for this year, excited for all that is to come and ready to move forward and toward great things.

What would your theme be this year?


Here’s another shot of Sarah, Jake and I – the terrible threesome for the evening:


January 1 2010

This is pretty much me for the whole day of January 1, 2010.  (I mistyped that at first as 2020…jeez! Let’s not rush it!)  It’s cold and rainy in Hanoi today so the heater brings great comfort.  I’m in my favorite uniform, a jeans an my long sleeve black t-shirt, have a bowl of M&Ms there on the corner and some nice candles filling the air of sandalwood.  I’ve got three piles of journals in front of me…travel journals, diaries and then note books I carry around with me to jot down random thoughts or funny/interesting things I see when I am on the move.  My new MacBook is there, too, trying very hard to win my affection after my trusty Powerbook G4 bit the dust recently. (I’m a sentimental fool.  The Powerbook has been with me for 5 years.  I’m loyal. I’ve only known the MacBook for two weeks.  I’m hopeful he’ll stay with me for awhile. We’re having fun getting acquainted. ;p )

About ten years ago I developed a tradition where I take the first couple days of the New Year and have a good read through old journals.  I get in touch with Me for a bit, have a think about my future and charge forward.  I write one long end-of-the-year entry and get myself organized for the year ahead.

At some point before the weekend ends, I hope to post a few more blog entries here, get 100% of my J-blog converted from the old site and hopefully spit out an OTBS newsletter – something I haven’t done at all in 2009.  That’s a quarterly communication I really miss putting together, so I hope the 2009 wrap-up goes smoothly and I find more ME time in 2010 to produce it regularly. It’s important to me.

Here’s to Day 1 and a great year ahead!  Happy New Year!


Yaaay for 2009!

Happy New Year!  On this New Year’s Eve, we are getting ready to host a fantastic party on the Press Club Terrace and I am excited to enjoy the festivities and meet many more locals.  We expect a large and fun crowd of people.

Of course part of me will always be in Shizuoka, climbing that mountain so early in the morning and watching the sunrise behind Fuji-san on New Year’s Day.  That has to be my favorite New Year tradition of all.

Things have been more than busy here in Hanoi with my new job.  Long hours, lots to do and getting everything sorted.  I’ve spent just 3 nights in my new apartment, and have had little time to nest.  I like a warm and cozy home and I have much to do before my apartment will get to that point, but I love the process of decorating and setting up house.

Someone recently wished me a smooth process of unpacking.  I wish I could unpack.  Those ten boxes and their whereabouts are still a mystery.  The USPS is ridiculously unhelpful.  “We have no information” is really not a pleasant answer to hear!  But I’m still holding hope that with Dad’s efforts and the efforts on this end, at least some of my boxes will appear.  I would love to unpack them and find good places for them in my new home.

I will write more this weekend when I have a chance.  I really just wanted to wish you all a terrific New Year.  As you know, I don’t make resolutions, but choose personal themes.  This year I have two.  On the professional front this year’s theme is “Knock It Out Of The Park” and my personal theme this year, “Be Love.”  I’ll explain next time…

Happy Happy New Year!

On the Bright Side,



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