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No One Tells Everything

Celebrating Rae’s Success!

Meet Rae Meadows! – Rae and I are here at our 20 year high school reunion.  Rae is a successful author who has just published her second book!


One of the things I was reminded of over and over again at my 20 year high school reunion is that I went to school with a TERRIFIC group of people.  We were always good kids, took care of each other, had A LOT of fun, and cheered each other on.

Twenty years later, I have good reason to cheer for one of my favorite friends.  Rae and I were very close in high school.  In fact, she was pretty much my partner when I had my business, Hosting Helpers.  I could always count on her to do a great job – we made a super team!  We’ve remained in touch over the years, but it was particularly good to see her at the reunion last weekend.  I’m so glad to have the chance to share her good news…

Rae has just published her second novel, No One Tells Everything.

Grace – a copy editor in her mid-thirties- drinks alone in the same bar every night, confides in her longtime bartender, and observes New York City life from the sidelines.  But when a girl is found dead and a college student from Grace’s hometown is arrested for the murder, something within her stirs, and she embarks on an investigation into the crime – only to find that the mystery she is chasing is actually her own.

The book is receiving rave reviews, and Rae’s reputation and readership is rising.  Now that I’m in L.A. and have some “me” time, I’m going to curl up with my own copy and get lost in the story.  Can’t wait!  Get your own copy at Amazon, who also carries Rae’s outstanding first novel, Calling Out.

Happy Reading!


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