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I’m angry.

My face today. I have lots of patience.  But when other people waste my precious free time on a Saturday, I get a bit steamed.


Remember how excited I was for this weekend…for my designer appointment and the plant guy to come over and help me choose plants to help spruce up the place?

Well today was one of those days which teaches you not to have expectations.

I scooted out of work “early” today to meet the team from Dome.  They were coming here to measure my spaces, suggest materials for curtains and the sofa and design ideas for the big pieces of furniture.  So I’m in the taxi on the way home and I get a message from the designer to say that they couldn’t come, “I forgot about another appointment.”  Seriously?  I’m ready to drop some serious cash on living, dining and bedroom furniture and they leave it on the table?  What kind of craziness is that?

So I come home and see that Hien is still here and I ask if she minds staying because I had also scheduled the plant guy and he speaks no English at all.  She agreed.  And so we waited and we waited.  30 minutes after the appointment time, we called his number.  He forgot about the appointment and was sleeping.  He said he’d be here in 10 minutes.

30 minutes later I give up and Hien and I called it a day.  He showed up.  And he goes nuts.  I need 20 expensive plants in my window box for $100 and other super tall plants for another $200, and ??? and ??? and the total starts growing.  And then he said he would need an advance.

I should say that this is the gardener for the Press Club.  Instead of showing some respect, he chose the option to take advantage.  Me no likey.

So I drew the type of plant I wanted and how many and asked him to see if he has them and then to come back at me with cost.  Yeah – let’s see where that goes.  Disappointing.

So instead of spending the afternoon hours of my Saturday being productive and checking some boxes on my To Do list, I am no further in filling my apartment with beautiful things than I was last week.

Damn it.  I’m pissed off about this, but I just need to chill out and stay focused.  Things don’t happen that easily in Vietnam, I’m learning.

Breathe.  Remember that some things happen for a reason.  Respect that and move on….it’ll come together.  It WILL come together.

On the Bright Side,



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