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Whale Watching

Today, was definitely not the sunniest day in San Diego.  Mette and I woke up early as we had to make it to the marina and catch a boat. We went whale watching today! I think the excitement of the activity makes up for the lack of sunshine! ;p

As we drove into the harbor area, we could see the marine layer sitting over the water.  However, that layer never burned off as it normally does in America’s Finest City (tired of me saying that yet?).  Needless to say, neither of us were quite prepared for the chilly wind and cold air at sea!  Mette had to borrow my mom’s jacket and I just layered up what I had, as my big jackets are still in my boxes (which just happened to arrive, all in tact and in good condition, today).

Mette was very excited at the prospect of going whale watching.  It’s been years since I’ve been and I knew the timing was good, so I was excited too!  On our way out to sea, we saw a lot of naval ships coming and going.  Later we learned that the high traffic of these ships, and the sonar they use, cause for a distinct absence of dolphins and porpoise.  Truly, we did not see even ONE dolphin all day.  For those of you who have been whale watching, you know this is not normal. I was concerned and a bit bummed out for this fact.

We did get lucky, though, and caught up with not just one, but three California Gray Whales making their way to Baja.  The captain suspected that we had found two females and a juvenile. They were really playful and curious, and they were very close to shore, no more than two miles out.  We kept up with them, as the captain found them to be entertaining and there is never a guarantee that we would so easily find another group or solo traveler.  Plus, these three provided lots of photo opportunities and were simply amazing to watch!

Have you been whale watching this season?  When was the last time?  You should go!  What a humbling experience!

Mette and I had a farewell dinner with my parents tonight.  We grilled steaks for the occasion. Yum!  Tomorrow we are off to la la land after visits to Old Town, La Jolla and Del Mar. Let’s hope for better weather!



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