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I’m a little bit artsy craftsy

A bit of free time, a little make-up and some adjustments on the effects and such and…whoa-la!  I made an Andy Warhol version of myself!  What I can’t believe is that I actually changed the main picture to my website.  Since I first compiled this website in February 2007, the picture of me with Kiyomizudera behind me has been the photo for my header.  I was a bit sad to change it today, but did so because:

  1. If you haven’t noticed, I don’t live in Japan anymore.
  2. My hair is much shorter and I am growing my bangs out (a very painful process, might I state for the record).
  3. I feel like a website named “On The Bright Side” needed a much more pop-out main photo thingy going on.

The only reason I remain sad for changing that photo is because:

  1. There are still days when I miss Japan and Kiyomizudera is one of my favorite places.
  2. When you have a favorite photo of yourself which makes you happy, you should look at it often!
  3. I really don’t think anyone other than me is going to notice or even remember what that photo looked like! Oh well!

Ha!  Anyway – hope you like the new artsy version.  Comments welcome!

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