Thank you for visiting On The Bright Side.  This blog has changed costumes a few times since I began writing in 2002. It first started as e-mail updates from my first apartment in Fuji City, Japan.  It was a way for me to journal my daily moments from a very new and intriguing life.  The e-mail letters were transformed into colorful newsletters after I got my first Mac.  And then with encouragement from several friends, I began a Blogspot account in 2005.

Once I discovered iWeb, and before I left for my world travels in 2008, I established On The Bright Side as a website.  I have just recently converted “my baby” over to the Word Press platform, which meant countless hours of copy & paste to load years of material – a process which remains incomplete.  Need I say that it continues to prove to  be a good trip down memory lane.  I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through entries from now and then.

Having returned from an eight year stint abroad I am rediscovering my hometown of sunny, San Diego. I have a new set of challenges and daily adventures.  I may not be headed to Mt. Everest base camp or hiking in the jungles of Thailand, getting blessed by monks in Laos or watching the sunset behind the Eiffel Tower at 10:30pm, but I am enjoying being much, much closer to family and friends, starting my own business, Beaming Bohemian, and getting back into the groove of life in the USofA.

Thanks for following my journey. May your days always remain, On The Bright Side.


A moment from the early days of On The Bright Side and a favorite photo from Japan…

After returning from Japan, I set out on a five month journey through SE Asia and Europe. I took my Powerbook G4 with me! There’s a classic “Same Same but Different” t-shirt!

Nearly 10 years to the day, I returned to Italy and bella bella Firenze! My 1998 trip to Italy sparked my desire for world travel:

After a healthy dose of world travel, I landed in Hanoi, Vietnam working in hospitality and adding to a great list of adventures!

Now I’m loving life in San Diego and all this gorgeous sunshine!